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Q1. What is a CoolDownMat made of?

A. The CoolDownMat is made of a heat resistant silicone rubber, the same material as modern baking trays and can withstand 300 degrees centigrade.

Q2. What temperature can my hair straighteners get to?

A. Most hair straighteners do not get above 230 degrees centigrade or they will burn the hair.

Q3. How long is a CoolDownMat?

A. They are 32cm long. Most hair straighteners are between 25-30cm long.

Q4. How long can I leave my hot hair straighteners on a CoolDownMat?

A. The CoolDownMat is designed to allow the hair straighteners to be left during use and to safely cool down when you have finished using them.

Q5. What colours does the CoolDownMat come in?

A. Available in Black, Brown, Olive, or Fuchsia Pink

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